Dedicated Roofers Cross Dangerous Creek

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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Our little creek got the biggest flood of the year this past week, but it didn’t hold back our team of dedicated roofers. Even though the creek was too high for hip waders they managed to cross it Boy Scout style by using an old log.

Anna did some Spring cleaning and decided to give away a stack of used homesteading books to whoever wrote in requesting dibs on a particular title. We paid the postage and felt great knowing our old books will have a chance at a new life in another reader’s shelf.

We’ve been having some trouble with our dog Lucy making new holes in a few of the chicken pasture fences. The entire flock was helping themselves to our mulched raised beds before we found out and corralled them back to their proper pasture. I built a dog door at one of Lucy’s favorite spots using recycled carpet and some 2×4’s. So far our chickens have not pushed through the heavy carpet, but the experiment just started last week.

18 new chicks showed up for their first day on the job in this past week. Last year we were experimenting with new breeds by buying fertilized eggs online and incubating them in our Brinsea Incubator, but this year’s Class of 2012 is 100 percent home grown!

Transporting full grown chickens can be a challenge when you don’t have the proper carrier cage. Anna’s brother Joey solved the problem with an old wire box and one of those live catch traps and had some fun while doing it.

Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess like to share secrets of having fun while homesteading on their little blog titled They quit their jobs a few years back and have been making a living with Mark’s invention he calls the Avian Aqua Miser, which is an innovative, automatic poultry waterer that provides clean, poop free water to your chickens.

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