Dear MOTHER: December 2012/January 2013

Reader letters about the return on investment from gardening, self-sufficiency in the city, living forever, cheap food, dogs on the homestead and more — plus dispatches from our first-ever International Homesteading Education Month.

| December 2012/January 2013

Coming Together at the Co-op

I love what I’m seeing lately in the magazine about building community. It’s good to remember that self-sufficiency often happens best with a circle of kindred spirits who support us.

I want to add that a favorite community resource for living wisely, well, and lightly on the Earth is my local cooperatively owned grocery store. I grow some of my own vegetables and visit the farmers market twice a week, but for the rest of my food, the next best ethical choice for me is to buy from the co-op.

It feels good to shop at a store that shares my values, is owned by the community, energizes and educates people on the issues that are important to me — such as local and naturally grown foods — and brings neighbors together to have fun and do good work.

Teresa Honey Youngblood
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Earning a Living on a Family Farm

In your review of the Farm Bill (The Farm Bill: Fight for Your Food, August/September 2012), the authors define “mega-farms” as those that gross more than $250,000. I would like to point out that most family farms for which the primary income comes from farming easily gross $250,000, or much more.

My father and uncle farmed together on a typical Kansas family farm of their era. My father’s 1955 tax return shows their farm grossed $248,000, which would be more than $2 million today, but their net income for that same year was only $5,400.

Marcy Klatt
11/26/2012 10:47:00 PM

The easy pie crust sounds wonderful but I have never seen a measurement like 3/8 of a cup. Is this a typo?

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