Dear MOTHER: August/September 2014

Reader letters about the consequences of modern agriculture, timesaving garden equipment, debt-free living, avoiding pesticide-laden nursery plants, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Asheville, N.C., and more.

| August/September 2014

Reconnecting the Disconnect

I just got home from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Asheville, N.C. (April 12 and 13). From the moment we arrived up until the very last event — where we witnessed hundreds united to hear Joel Salatin speak — I was (and still am) struck by an overwhelming sense of love, peace, inspiration and joy.

Many of us who are passionate about self-reliance and sustainability live in parts of the country where we are disconnected from like-minded people, and our daily reality can really drag us down sometimes. To be able to participate in your FAIR was truly inspiring.

Gatherings like the FAIR connect our divided nation. They also connect the knowledge and wisdom of older generations with the curiosity and tenacity of young people who are struggling to grow life where land has been paved over and chemicals have been scattered. At the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR and other events like it, humanity can reconnect, rediscover its collective soul, and find ways to live up to its potential.

Crystal Meserole
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Timesaving Garden Tractors

Wow, another great issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS! We always expect that, and that’s what we always get. In each issue, I look first for articles by Barbara Pleasant — what a talented gardener and writer.

Joel Dufour’s piece about tools for large gardens was terrific (Best Garden Tools for Big Plots and Large Harvests, June/July 2014). Two-wheel tractors are in short supply in this part of the country. My solution has been to use four-wheel garden tractors — not the riding mowers from big-box stores, but rather small, heavy-duty tractor models that accept ground-engaging tools.

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