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On our State and Province Facebook Pages (see links below), you can share news, notes and networking with your neighbors, with primary emphasis on state- or province-specific information. Think of them as online, user-generated, state-oriented newspaper/bulletin boards specializing in advice and resources for wiser living. You are invited to post seasonal gardening tips and reports, share news from your organization or green business, issue action alerts, and post about events as well as list items wanted or for sale. Our state- and province-specific Pages are in addition to our main Facebook Page, which focuses on nation-wide content. 

How to Use Facebook

If you're not familiar with Facebook, check out How to Join and Use Facebook: An FAQ for Beginners for specific details about our Facebook state pages. If you've already mastered Facebook and are ready to connect on even more social media platforms, see Our Other Social Media Sites below for links to our accounts on Pinterest, Google +, Twitter and more.

U.S. State Pages 

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Illustrations by Linda Cook


How to Join and Use Facebook:

An FAQ for Beginners

Facebook is an incredibly popular social media site, and it isn’t just for connecting with friends and family — it’s also a great way for you to meet like-minded folks and connect regarding important issues, questions, events and more. Our new State and Province Facebook Pages are great examples of pages that offer a place for these kinds of meaningful interactions and updates.   
Q: How do I join Facebook?
A:  The first step is to create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. Simply go to and enter your name, email address, password, birthday and gender into the form. Choose “Sign Up,” and you’ll be good to go. Facebook is a free service, and the site will not ask for your credit card information. You can then upload a profile and cover picture to customize and enhance your Facebook profile. For more information about creating a Facebook account, visit the Facebook Help Center.
Q: How do I find my state- or province-specific MOTHER EARTH NEWS Facebook page?

A: Simply click on your state or province name above, and you’ll be directed straight to that local Facebook page.

In order to be fully involved with your local community page, you need to “Like” it. Select the “Like” button directly underneath the illustrated banner. Now you will see updates from your local MOTHER EARTH NEWS Facebook page in your Facebook News Feed. The News Feed is where all updates from pages and profiles you’ve “Liked” or become friends with are directed.
Q: I’ve noticed that Facebook “pages,” such as the state and province pages, are different from my personal account. How is a Facebook “page” different from an individual person’s account?
A: Facebook “pages” look similar to personal profile accounts, but they create a unique tool for connecting people to a topic or business they care about. In our case, they offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to connect with neighboring homesteaders, gardeners, and wiser-living advocates who have an interest in the topics covered by MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. 
Our state- and province-specific Facebook pages offer a platform for sharing local news, stories, advice and homesteading events, such as farmers markets, renewable energy conferences and U-pick orchards. We’re hoping that you and other readers take this opportunity to reach across the virtual fence and shake your neighbors’ hands.
Q. How can I be more involved with my state- or province-specific Facebook page?
A: Drop in to say hello as often as you’d like. If you have a story to share with your neighbors or a question to ask a local expert, simply type your text into the posting bar at the top of the left-hand column. You can then view your comments, plus all of your neighbors’ comments, in the “Recent Posts by Others” box (on most computers, this will appear in the right-hand column).
Our editors will be managing the community pages by adding seasonal gardening advice and local news, while facilitating conversation among neighbors. Our posts will appear in your home page’s News Feed. 
Q: I’m not seeing very many updates from my state or province Facebook page in my News Feed. Why is that?
A: Facebook uses your interactions with other pages to decide what to display in your News Feed. The site tries to tailor what it displays to what it thinks you’d be most interested in seeing. Therefore, the more you “Like,” “Share” and comment on posts from your community page, the more Facebook will route community page updates to your News Feed.