Craftsmen of Necessity

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“Craftsmen of Necessity” showcases modern homesteading skills such as fixing a wheel.

Christopher Williams’ Craftsmen of Necessity is about the creation of useful objects including shelter  by the native artisans of Europe and the Near East. It’s about Berber stone villages, the wood houses of Rumania, Syrian blacksmith work, Finnish farm tools, Sicilian plows, Egyptian boats and a wealth of other handsome, durable contrivances . . . all made of readily available materials by craftsmen who know the secret of working with — not against — nature.

If you’re a lover of good design, this book is for you . . . and we’ve reproduced just a few of Charlotte Williams’ photos to show you why. Craftsmen of Necessity is published by Random House, costs $3.95 in paperback or $10.00 in hard cover and can be found at local bookstores.

From Craftsmen of Necessity by Christopher Williams. Copyright © 1968, 1973, 1974 by Christopher Williams. Reprinted by permission of Random House, Inc.