The Chicken and Egg Page: City Chicken Regulations

By Staff

Chicken and Dog Regulations for Selected Cities

(The information in this chart was compiled in 2003 by Catherine Hallier.)




Spokane, WA Up to three Up to three Can have up to three animals.
Falls Church, VA Not allowed Up to four No “agricultural animals.”
Topeka, KS Unlimited Unlimited Chickens must be penned 50 feet from neighbor’s house.
Syracuse, NY Sometimes Up to three Depends on zoning. No roosters.
Mobile, AL Unlimited Unlimited No breeding, no roosters.
Santa Rosa, CA Up to 25 Unlimited May have 25 chickens per 20,000 squre feet. No chickens in residential areas zoned R1, R2 or PRC.
Westfield, MA Not allowed Up to five No “livestock.” Maximum of five cats and dogs.
Casper, WY Sometimes Up to three Can have chickens in special circumstances, like 4-H.
Corvallis, OR Unlimited Unlimited No roosters. Chickens must be penned.
Santa Fe, NM Unlimited Unlimited
Little Rock, AR Up to four Up to four Up to four animals total.
Oswego, NY Not allowed Unlimited Can only have chickens that were “grandfathered.”
New York City Unlimited Unlimited Must have permit for chickens. Must be kept clean. No other poultry allowed, no roosters.
Chicago, IL Unlimited Unlimited Can have unlimited chickens if use is only for pets or eggs; cannot have if use is to slaughter. Must be penned.
Seattle, WA Three or more Three or more Can have a total of three small animals; more if the lot is large.
Houston, TX Up to 30 Unlimited Chickens must be 100 feet from neighboring structures.
Detroit, MI Not allowed Unlimited No “farm animals.”
Miami, FL Up to 15 Unlimited May have up to 15 hens, no roosters. Must be contained at least 100 feet from neighboring structures.
Minneapolis, MN Unlimited Up to three Applicant needs consent from 80 percent of neighbors within 100 feet of real estate. Chickens must be penned.
Los Angeles, CA Unlimited Up to three Chickens may not be within 20 feet of owner’s residence, and must be at least 35 feet from any other dwelling.