Goat-Buyer's Guide and Checklist

Learn what features to look for when buying the best dairy goats.

| March/April 1977

Before you buy any dairy goat, isolate the animal ... then [1] check her up close, [2] stand back and take a long, hard look at her overall appearance, [3] watch the doe (from the front, side, and rear) as she walks, and [4] go over all the points on the following list. If the nanny falls to meet two or more criteria, consider her a waste of money ... no matter what a "bargain" she may be. To learn more on how to buy a good dairy goat, read MOTHER's article "Finding the Best Dairy Goats."


_______a. Well formed (not low-hanging)

_______b. No indication of mastitis, both sides producing

_______c. No double teats'
_______d. Easy to milk


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