Build a Better Automatic Chicken Feeder Contest

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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Chickens will lay a lot more eggs if you supplement their foraging diet with a bag of laying pellets.

The cost is around 13 dollars per 50 pound bag. How long that bag will last depends a great deal on the quality and design of your feed container.  We’ve seen several do it yourself designs over the years from inventive chicken keepers and thought maybe an automatic chicken feeder contest might tempt a few of those builders to share some photos and construction tips.

The major issues to be addressed are feed spilling out, rats or racoons stealing a snack, and spoilage. Ease of access and cost of construction are also factors that should be considered.

Send us your solution with a few photos and words describing the process and we’ll pick the best one and award either a 10 pack diy automatic chicken waterer kit or 3 premade automatic chicken nipple waterers. 

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton have been obsessed with chickens for years now and enjoy sharing new tips and tricks with other back yard poultry keepers. They pay the bills by making and selling a new type of automatic chicken waterer that effectively adapts industrial poultry technology for the back yard flock.