Aquaponic Trout and Golf Cart Jousting

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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A few young trout found their way onto our dinner plate last week, and that got us to thinking about the possibility of growing trout in an aquaponic setting, which generated well over 10 thoughtful comments on the subject that I think are worth checking out.

We experienced some awesome customer service from a place called Seed Savers Exchange, which is the place we got our tomato seeds from recently.

The bizarre sport known as Golf Cart Jousting made some small progress and Anna has a full report on the latest cover crop experiment involving Rye.

Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess are frugal homesteaders who like to have fun while they grow their own food. They both make and sell the best automatic chicken waterer that uses a stainless steel poultry nipple to hydrate your flock which is 100 times better than the old gravity fed systems.

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