An Itch in Time: Remedies to Relieve Poison Ivy Itch

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Photo courtesy Rasulov/Fotolia
Hair spray can help to relive itch from poison ivy.

As a landscaper and avid camper, hunter and hiker, I’ve had
more than my fair share of exposure to poison ivy. All of
the over-the-counter lotions and creams seem to be fairly
effective, but in my experience they don’t go to work
quickly enough. I’ve found that rubbing alcohol takes the
itch away faster and dries the rash out in half the time
the usual remedies take. Alcohol might sting a little at
first, but I find the sting helps take my mind off the

One day after fresh contact with a poison ivy patch, I
discovered much to my horror that I was out of rubbing
alcohol. Desperate, I reached for the nearest available
alcohol-containing substance: hair spray. It worked like a
charm! The alcohol dried out the rash, and the hair spray
formed a protective barrier that kept the rash from
spreading and from being further irritated by contact with
my hair or clothing. Both alcohol and hair spray (I use
Rave #4) are quite inexpensive, and they’re clear, so
nobody can tell you have them on.

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