A Dream Fulfilled

Reader Contribution by Carrie Miller and Miller Micro Farm
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It was a misty September morning when I finally got to partake in an event I had been waiting years to attend. The evening before my husband and I packed up and headed from Northern Ohio down to Southern Pennsylvania. The trip was amazing the views of the mountains were stunning. As we arrived at our hotel, just outside of Seven Springs, the anticipation began to build within me. We settled in for the night, we sadly slept very little, though the hotel was gorgeous the beds were inhumanly stiff. The next morning, we quickly headed to breakfast, then subsequently loaded up our luggage and headed to the big event. After a thirty-minute drive we arrived at our destination! Where were we? 

Finally There!

The Mother Earth News Fair! We parked the truck way upon the hill and began the slow descent to the conference center. A brisk walk, which was luckily all downhill, was just what we needed to loosen up our aching backs. As we entered the front doors we searched for a place to trade in our tickets for our VIP passes. After 30 minutes or so, we found a gentleman that was able to find us our passes. With passes in hand, we headed straight for the book store. To look around and buy our passes to the cheese making class taught by my idol Gianaclis Caldwell. Here is when we made a huge mistake, we purchased six books and some shirts! Now we would have to lug the books around with us all day – uggghhh. What were we thinking? We found ourselves walking amongst the vendors learning, chatting, and experiencing a ton. Snapping photos along the way of a few great items that I thought could make great blog options for Community Chickens.

Wholly Cheese

Before we knew it the time had come to go make some cheese – Wahoo! We headed down to the classroom and found seats rather quickly. There she was standing before me, Mrs. Caldwell! The class did not go off without a hitch, the electric burners kept blowing the outlets, leaving Gianaclis to make do to say the least. She was a trooper, standing before the class finding a way to make the best out of the situation. We did all end up getting to make cheese but honestly, I do not think anyone would have cared either way. It was so much fun just to hang out with, listen, and be taught by someone of her caliper. She even took time to sign books, for anyone who had them, of course I had four….lol….she signed each one! 

From Mist to Rain

After her class we headed off to the VIP lounge for lunch, wow does Mother Earth News know how to put on a lunch! We ended our day with a bus ride back to the truck as the mist became a rain, it was like the sky felt my heart at that moment.A bit sad to go but also excited to head towards home. A fabulous uneventful trip home finished off a perfect weekend for us. If you haven’t had the opportunity to head to a Mother Earth News Fair, make time, it will be well worth it! 

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