6 Fun Summer Activities for Free-Range Kids

| 7/18/2016 12:33:00 PM

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Growing up on 1800 acres of farmland in Rural Kentucky meant that when summer came, I was on a hiatus from people for 3 solid months. While my older brother typically worked alongside my dad during any off time, as a clumsy young female, I was often left to my own devices. Since I had no one to complain to about being bored, I found ways to keep myself busy.

The ability to entertain yourself is a crucial skill for children of any background. The key to self-driven summer fun is setting acceptable boundaries of when and where your children may go, how long they can stay out, a communication plan to get in touch with them if needed, and to provide them easy access to tools and supplies that will enrich their experience.

1. Explore It never gets old. Adventuring was, and still is, one of my favorite lazy day activities. And I never got lost, even once. Why? Because I knew that no one knew where I was, and it was up to me to get myself back out of there. This made me more cautious and more aware of my surroundings, and ultimately lead to a greater sense of confidence in my abilities to manage the world on my own.

Farm Girl Tip: Create a survival backpack for your child to take if you are concerned about them being out on their own. This should include things like a bottle of water or two, a healthy snack, and a long-range walkie-talkie for communication.

2. Make A Wreath. A wreath is a classic homesteading craft that can add beauty to your home or be given as a gift, and is relatively simple for a child to construct.

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