Best Fuel-Efficient Cars by Each Automaker, Now and Later

Check out each major automaker’s top fuel-efficient cars, including their current cars with the best gas mileage and green car technology as well as their best fuel-efficient cars to come. You can see the cars of the future in the photos next to each automaker’s listing. 


By Todd Kaho 

Today’s choices for best fuel-efficient cars are greater and more diverse than those of just a few years ago. The options in 2012 have expanded: Gasoline-electric hybrids, flex-fuel vehicles, clean diesel cars and trucks, alternative fuels such as natural gas, and pure battery electric vehicles are all now available in the green fleet. All the major automakers have added their own look and feel to produce cars with the best gas mileage, and all car companies have promised improvements and even more options are on the way. Because many car shoppers feel a sense of brand loyalty, we’ve organized each automaker’s top fuel-efficient cars — along with the cars of the future that we’re most excited about — for you to easily search your options.

You can see the future . . . in these photos at least. Each photo shows the “Best Coming” model listed for each automaker.

Audi E Tron