Is PVC Safe? The Vinyl Debate

| 6/22/2010 8:38:38 AM

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PVC poll resultsWe recently posted a poll on our website asking you, “Do you try to avoid using vinyl in your home?” Forty-two percent of responders answered, “Yes, whenever I can,” while 40 percent of responders answered, “No – what’s wrong with vinyl?” For those of you who haven’t been introduced to the vinyl debate, here’s some information on the history and pros and cons of vinyl.

What is polyvinyl chloride? 

Polyvinyl chloride is more often referred to by its less-technical names, PVC and vinyl. Most often used in construction, PVC is a plastic composed of three elements: carbon, hydrogen and chlorine. You’ve probably heard of PVC piping, but PVC appears in other surprising places such as shower curtains and electrical wires. PVC plastics are number 3 recyclables, so if you’re wondering whether one of your products contains vinyl, look for a “3” somewhere on the product or packaging.

A more in-depth look at PVC is available in Healthy Building Network’s Sorting Out the Vinyls. 

Should I be concerned about using PVC in my home? 

Varying opinions exist on this subject. Over the course of the last few decades, environmental groups such as Greenpeace have been quick to bash PVC. Greenpeace’s stance is rooted in the idea that PVC in every stage – from production to disposal – is dangerous. PVC supporters have fought back, pointing to research that suggests that the vinyl controversy is nothing more than hype.

7/26/2017 5:22:44 PM

Humans can never go back to an early men life with all natural products around. And the depletion we have done to earth is irreversible. No matter what chemical we use, all are deadly toxic, some are proved, being proven, will be proved with time. A chemical which we used yesterday as non toxic is claimed toxic tomorrow. A food which is believed to be enriched in nutrients today is claimed to be life threatening tomorrow. Life styles are changing in lightyear a second and too the environment. Business legends on chemical industry uses advanced trick - ology with new chemical compositions to fly up in market, with an eye wash of terminology "non-toxic". All we can do is nothing but, leave the present. Oops !! LIVE the present

5/30/2015 2:23:54 PM

I worked in glue that holds pipes together for a hot tub. It was blue and had a very bad odor. I don't remember what the name was but I was pregnant at the time. My baby was very healthy when I first found out I was pregnant. Then at 18 weeks I found out that he didn't develop any kidneys,lungs,or bladder. He also had a lot wrong with his heart. Could this be why my baby didn't develop any of his organs? The doctors wanted me to abort my baby but I was trying to give him a chance. He never did develop any of his organs. I started dilating on my own and they decided to induce me at 35 weeks. He didn't make it like I was hoping he would:(

12/1/2013 9:32:40 AM

There are so many toxic materials with the discovery of petroleum. Unless we are willing to stop using it altogether, I don't see how you can only look at one or two of the products. I mean, we really would need to go back to horse and buggy to rid ourselves of ALL toxic material. Benzene is far, far more harmful as it IS prevalent - unlike dioxin in vinyl. Where do you draw the line? If things get too bad, mother earth will cleanse herself... And, who knows... Maybe we get hit by an asteroid and cease to exist in one fail swoop... Then, the green movement can have their ultimate utopia.

5/22/2013 7:01:44 PM

I recently purchased an ice maker line made by EZ-Flo International in their Eastman factory in China. The interior of the line is labeled as a non-toxic PVC core. The first one I put in made my water taste horrible and they seem to think flushing it - the taste would eventually go away.. the question is why can I taste anything? It is aweful. Now in regard to safety, while watching, the brain doctor said to eliminate ingesting as many minerals as possible, such as copper- which most of our plumbing is made of. The minerals aluminum, copper, lead, zinc are part of the causes of Alzheimers. So when purchasing this I thought I was doing a good thing. I am still trying to find out what is causing the taste. Wondering if I do a vinegar and water soak purhaps I can wash out what ever the taste is .. if It can't be washed out.. then this purchase will go back. Now maybe the results  will be  I get liver cancer but my mind will be well enough to  know all the pain I am going through..I don't know what is the best way to go:) without a brain or without a liver.. HA! or maybe not so HA!

And I guess one more question is what is the definition of "Non - Toxic"?


jason gunning rewind
3/14/2013 10:59:33 PM

You should always use it!

christine nassif
3/13/2013 12:51:10 PM

should be never in use

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