Find the Best Green Products and Services

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS has developed a way for you to find the best green products and services for you in a variety of fields. Whether you’re looking for the best fuel-efficient car; trying to find home solar panels to add to your roof; more eco-friendly light bulbs, freezers, or water heaters for your home; or are in search of fresh foods from a local farmers market, we have the tools to help you
find what you need.

The information below will help you sort through your options under each
field. Start your searches
below to find the best solutions for your lifestyle.

Find Local Food

If you’re visiting a new place or settling in after a move,
you’re probably looking for a place to find local, healthy food. These online tools can help you find the best sources for local food, including local farmers markets and community-supported agriculture programs — wherever you are.

Find a Fuel-Efficient Car

Know you want a greener ride but not sure where to start?
Whether you’re looking for a sporty two-seater, a large family vehicle, or a heavy-duty farm or work truck, use this information to find the best options for vehicles that use less fuel and save you money.

Find Solar Panels: Renewable Energy Systems for Home Heating, Hot Water and Electricity

If you’re interested in making the leap into solar panels or renewable energy systems,
these tools can help you find the best options for your green home upgrade dreams. Here’s how to find good background information on residential solar energy systems, including locating solar installers and finding advice on particular products.

Find Energy-Efficient Appliances and Electronics

Buying meat and grains in bulk as well as preserving large
garden harvests will likely save you money and help you eat better. One
necessary tool to accompany this homestead food self-sufficiency plan? A storage
freezer. This information will help you find that freezer, as well as other energy-efficient appliances. Save money and energy at home by choosing energy-efficient products whenever you purchase home appliances or computers and other electronics.

Find Organic Gardening Supplies

Growing some of your own food has many benefits, and the growing gets even better when you opt to grow your food as naturally as possible by using natural, organic gardening supplies. These sources can help you locate organic and other natural options for plants, seeds, and weed and pest control products.

Find Natural Cleaning and Beauty Products

From shampoo and lotion to wood polish and drain cleaner, you’ll be surprised at how many common household products contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Here’s how to identify problem products and find the best alternatives to buy — or save a little money by making your own.

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