A Water and Energy Saving Showerhead

A water and energy saving showerhead makes a difference in energy expenditure, saves money for the homeowners and is good for the planet.

| May/June 1978

A water and energy saving showerhead saves energy and money for homesteaders.

A Water and Energy Saving Showerhead

In their never-ending pursuit of energy savings, Buck Valle and the other good folks at SEE, Inc. recently tested a unique new shower head called the "SaverShower". And the gadget, they found, immediately reduced their hot water consumption so dramatically . . . that SEE, Inc. has acquired a dealership for the whole line of "Saver" fixtures and is now pushing them just as zestfully as the firm promotes its energy-conserving houses.

In fact, Buck Valle made a special trip all the way from SEE, Inc.'s home base of Columbus, Ohio to MOTHER'S offices in Hendersonville, North Carolina a few days ago . . . just to tell this magazine's editors about this rather amazing energy- and water-saving (and sewage-reducing) device.

As Buck pointed out: "Few families yet realize the almost unbelievable amount of money the typical household shells out every year for hot water. Which, in turn, makes it a little difficult sometimes to understand just how much one of these simple $12.95 shower heads can shave off the average annual electric bill. Believe it or not, though, our tests have shown us that those savings can easily add up to $120 a year. That's nearly a 1,000 return on your investment every 12 months!"

Buck then went on to explain how this rather incredible savings is made possible. "Water typically flows from a conventional shower head at the rate of eight to ten gallons per minute. Leave that shower running for 10 minutes or more, and you've just used 100 gallons of water . . . much of it heated. The average rate of flow from a SaverShower head, on the other hand, is only 2.2 gallons per minute. Let it run for the same length of time . . . and you've cut your water and water-heating bill for the bath by at least 60 %."

"Yes, but . . . " we immediately yes-butted, "it looks to us as if you'll also cut your skintingling enjoyment of the shower by at least the same 60%. And it also seems logical to suppose that — to get clean — you'll probably have to stay under the spray at least 60% longer."

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