Debt-Free Home Reports

Find guidance and inspiration by reading these reports on the ins and outs of building or buying a home debt-free.

June/July 2014

By Amanda Sorell

When MOTHER EARTH NEWS asked readers for reports about how they built or bought their homes debt-free, their responses were enthusiastic, and each story was unique. From small dome homes to spacious cabins to shelters ten years in the making, these homeowners avoided a mortgage in myriad ways. Many respondents favored stamina over skill, saying that anyone can do what they did with patience and persistence.

We included some of the stories in an article titled Debt-Free Living in Your Dream Home. You can find those full reports, as well as others we received, on this page. Peruse the articles below and let your debt-free dream develop — the respondents’ collective reports are a great starting point for inspiration and advice.

400-Square-Foot Solar Cabin Built With Two-Thousand Dolalrs