Tips for Finding a Healthy Building Site

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patio“Our ancestors, when about to build a town or an army post, sacrificed some of the cattle that were want to feed on the site proposed and examined their livers…they never began to build … in a place until after they had made many such trials and satisfied themselves that good water and good food had made the liver sound and firm.”

Vitruvius, roman architect circa 20BC- The Ten Books on Architecture

Before deciding where to build our ancestors and their ancestors before them paid close attention to the site to determine how well it would support their health and well-being.

While the Romans slaughtered their cattle and examined the organs, the ancient Indians, being more kindly disposed towards cows, simply observed their behavior. If cows left to graze on the potential site grew amorous this was one good sign. The Vedic scriptures prescribed a whole roster of additional tests for evaluating a site including the taste, color and smell of the soil, the sound of the ground when tapped, and the health and species of the vegetation. Far from superstition and ritual, these tests evaluated important attributes of a site including fertility, compaction, water flows and presence of soil gasses.

Building biology also pays close attention to the health qualities of natural site conditions and advises us to avoid building over geopathic stress zones. These zones are caused by disturbance under the earth’s surface such as ore bodies, crevices and underground water and can result in anomalies in the geomagnetic field emanating from the earth. Measurable surface characteristics associated with these underground features include deviations in the earth’s magnetic field, increased electrical conductivity, increased radon, and increased positive ionization. Geopathic stress zones have been associated with weakened immunity in individuals who sleep over them. Observations of flora and fauna on a site can indicate the presence of geopathic disturbance. Cancerous growth on trees or a group of trees that lean away from a spot, evidence of lightning strikes and animal behavior (dogs avoid these zones cats will gravitate to them) are all said to be indicators. Aside from the human dowser there is no single instrument that can measure all of the physical parameters associated with naturally occurring geopathic stress zones. Although dowsing may be considered “unscientific”, Egyptian hieroglyphics attest to the fact that mankind has a long history of dowsing as a form of site investigation.

Unlike our ancestors we must also consider the impact of man-made pollution which can turn a naturally healthy site into an unhealthy one. Following is a partial checklist for avoiding various forms of man-made pollution:
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