5 Things a New Fridge Can Do for the Good of the Planet

| 1/27/2015 10:01:00 AM

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As a reader of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, you likely already know that keeping an old fridge around is a false economy. As someone who strives toward a sustainable lifestyle, you're probably aware that a fridge more than 10 years old is sucking up way more than its fair share of energy, essentially damaging the planet on a daily basis. It would be hard to have missed the fact that replacing an old fridge with a new Energy Star model can save up to $1,000 in energy costs over its lifetime.




But that decade-old fridge still works, and you've still got it, don't you? Clearly you need a little more convincing that upgrading is the responsible step to take. Advances in refrigeration technology have not only increased the efficiency of these devices that are essential to modern life, but they will also make your life run more smoothly. If it has been more than 10 years since you looked at a new fridge, here are five things that a new fridge can do that will improve your sustainable footprint (not to mention, make your life a lot easier):

1. Dispense Water

Through-the-door ice and water dispensers are a staple in most modern side-by-side and French door model refrigerators. The benefits are numerous, including freshly filtered cold water on tap that helps promote healthy living, plus eliminates the need to buy bottled water. Newer fridges come with elongated "dispensing centers" so you can fill large reusable water bottles and even pots for cooking with. Some models can even sense the size of the container you are filling automatically, so you can just leave it in the fridge door, press a button and come back when it's full.

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