Guide to Winter Crafts

By Staff
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Winter Crafts

Don’t let cold weather get you down. Beat boredom with our treasure trove of creative winter crafts. These projects will keep you busy during the cold months and even help you decorate your home!

Make Your Own Rug

Knitted Snug Rug 

Make yourself a thick, soft rug out of thrift-store wool sweaters. 

Handmade Rug 

Cut up your old, torn and battered shirts to make this rug.

Braided T-Shirt Rug 

Transform old, unwanted T-shirts into a one-of-a-kind braided area rug.

Candle Crafts

Steel Candle Covers 

Make these galvanized steel candle covers with simple sheets of steel, nuts, bolts and pieces of wire from the hardware store.

Conical Candles 

Create elegant candles from the stubs of old candles.

Cupcake Candles 

Celebrate special occasions with homemade vanilla-scented soy wax candles.

Round Candles

Clean, simple lines give these round candles the versatility to blend in anywhere.

Coffee-Bean Embedded Soy Pillar Candles 

Make over leftover candles by embedding fresh wax, coffee beans and other embellishments.

Fire and Ice Candle Centerpiece 

This beautiful display of fiery candles amid ice is elemental magic at its most basic.

How to Make a Blanket

Wool-Dot Blankets 

Large dots of vibrant wool give tired old blankets new life.

Recycled Sweater Blanket 

Don’t let a holey sweater get you down. Turn it into a warm woolen throw this winter!

How to Make Mittens, Hats and Blankets from Old Sweaters 

Protect yourself from cold winter winds with homemade mittens, hats and blankets.

All the Rest

Draft Stopper 

Stop cold air from entering your home with this homemade draft blocker.

Breakfast Tray 

This pretty, practical breakfast tray is fashioned from the top of a discarded suitcase.

Wooden Chair Headboard 

Make a cheerful headboard by repurposing old chairs.

Suitcase Seat 

Turn old luggage into extra seating with this suitcase chair.

Hot Water Bottle Sleeve 

Wear your heat in your sleeve. Make this easy hot water bottle cover.

Winter Treasure Chest 

Bring some life into your home this winter with a homemade treasure chest filled with natural goodies.

Homemade Soaps 

Have fun this winter making natural soaps in various scents—perfect for gifts and party favors!

DIY Wreath 

Create a stunning wreath from natural, found materials.

Jewel Case Bookshelf Lamp 

Brighten up a room with a lamp made from repurposed, nonrecyclable CD jewel cases.