Upcycled Shopping Command Center

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Upcycled Shopping Command Center

Meal planning is a wonderful way to make sure your family’s food is as healthy as possible, and this kitchen menu board simplifies the process without cluttering up your space.      

By Crafty Staci
January/February 2019

Supplies Needed

  • 1 cookie sheet
  • 1 empty mint container with hinged top
  • 1 flat-sided pen cup (or small box)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Silver permanent pen
  • 5 flat magnets, or 1 magnetic sheet
  • 2 clothespins
  • Acrylic paint
  • Length of ribbon or cord
  • 1 shopping list pad
  • Chalk

Let’s Begin

  1. Rough up your cookie sheet with sandpaper to help the paint stick. Do the same with your mint tin and pen cup, if they’re metal. Then clean everything well.
  2. Photo by Allison Sarkesian

  3. Use a screwdriver, hammer and nail, or drill to add two evenly spaced holes to one end of the cookie sheet.

  4. Photo by Allison Sarkesian

  5. Paint the cookie sheet, tin, and pen cup with 2 to 3 coats of chalkboard paint.

  6. Photo by Allison Sarkesian

  7. After the paint has dried completely, use a pencil to outline a menu block. When you’re happy with it, trace the pencil lines with a silver permanent pen. Add the days of the week, if you’d like.

  8. Photo by Allison Sarkesian

  9.   I printed my own shopping list pages and secured them to a piece of cardboard backing with padding compound. Glue any flat, sheet-style magnet to the cardboard.

  10. Photo by Allison Sarkesian

  11. Paint the clothespins with the acrylic paint color of your choice, and glue one magnet to the back of each.
  12. Add details to the mint tin and pen cup using the permanent pen and paint. After you’re finished, glue magnets to the side of the pen cup and the bottom of the tin.

  13. Photo by Crafty Staci

  14. String a ribbon through the holes in the cookie sheet, and tie the ends in a bow. Arrange the clothespins for coupons, cup for pens, tin for chalk, and shopping list where you’d like them. Then get planning!

  15. Photo by Crafty Staci

A blogger with a history of crafting and plotting DIY projects, Staci shares her creations on Crafty Staci.