A $22 Storage Bed

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Photo by Betty L. Wiley
What the storage beg may lack in aesthetics it more than makes up in functionality.

Waste of any kind irritates me, so much so that I was long
frustrated by my inability to make good use of the dusty,
narrow space beneath my family’s beds. Of course, there
are ready-made “dresser beds” available, but I
found the prices to be just too high. And though I went so
far as to hunt up a number of plans for do-it-yourself
storage sleepers, it seemed that those sets of instructions
were more confusing — and potentially
time-consuming — than I’d hoped.

Finally, I decided to take the situation (and a hammer) in
hand: I designed and built my oldest son a
storage bed, from scratch! To my surprise, the project
turned out to be downright easy. For an investment of $22
worth of plywood, a bottle of white glue, and some
finishing nails, I was able to build a simple (some would
even say crude) but functional piece of furniture.

By following my Cutting and Assembly Instructions, you too can transform some under-bed space — which is
probably not being used for anything other than breeding
dust balls — into a valuable storage area!

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