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Left: Start the nails. The pliers save your fingers. The heel is only roughly trimmed. Right: The heel is nailed on, and more nails are added. Hold the nail with pliers ... I really whacked my thumb doing it this way.
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Left: Cut through the sidewall, not the tread, The hand holding the tire is behind the cutting edge. Right: The tread has been cut loose and rolled up.
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Left: Pry off the worn-out heel. This one was cut from tread. You can see the tire cord in the edge. Right: Trace the heel. The thicker part is at the rear to make up for wear at the back of the heel support.
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These tools are great for do-it-yourself cobbling.
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Left: Countersink the nails. This heel has already gotten its final trim. Note homemade nail set ... and 2 x 4 held steady between the knees. Right: Trim off the excess tread, starting at the sides

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