Homemade Slippers from Old Rubber Farm Boots

Rubber farm boots eventually wear out and develop cracks or holes that make them worthless for keeping feet dry. However, in many cases, you can salvage the rubber boots for a second, lighter-duty use by cutting off the tops and using what remains as a convenient pair of homemade slippers. We love to wear these refashioned slip-on shoes around the house and for short trips to the kitchen garden (think homemade Crocs), and we’ve even been known to wear them to town. This gets another use out of a resource that otherwise might go to a landfill. It also saves time and money on shoe shopping, but perhaps the best part is that the “new” homemade slippers are already perfectly broken in for our feet!

Cutting off the top of each boot does require cautiously handling a sharp implement. We’ve found that a sturdy pair of scissors can tackle the job after we make an initial slit with a knife.

Joanna and Eric Reuter
Columbia, Missouri

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