Making Round Mould Bath Bombs

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Many household objects and various items of packaging can be re-used as bath bomb moulds.
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For a round mould, you can use a tennis ball cut in half.
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You can use ice cub trays for mini bath bombs.
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“Bath Bombs” by Elaine Stavert gives crafty readers a guide to creating basic bath bombs, as well as 15 fragrant recipes to test.

Bath Bombs (GMC, 2014) by Elaine Stavert whips up 15 fizzy and fragrant bath bomb projects to try out at home. Along with a basic starting bath bomb recipe, Stavert gives tips on finding objects around the house you can turn into bath bomb moulds. The following excerpt is her step-by-step guide for using round bath bomb moulds.

Using a Round Mould

1. If you are making a round bath bomb, take both halves of your mould and scoop in the mixture, slightly overfilling each of them; press both sides together firmly. To make both halves stick together, you will need to press and grind them from side to side slightly.

2. Hold one half of the mould in the palm of your hand and gently remove the top half of the mould.

3. Using the corner of the empty half of the mould, remove the excess mixture from around the outside of the bomb.

4. Place the exposed side of the bath bomb in the palm of your hand and gently remove the other half of the mould.

5. Very carefully place the bath bomb on an apple storage tray or an old towel. This will prevent the bottom of the bath bomb from becoming too flattened from the pressure of sitting on a flat surface.

6. Leave your moulded bath bombs overnight to set; the next day they will be ready to use. Make sure they are kept out of reach of children and pets.

Note: If you are not confident about unmoulding the whole bombs immediately, and you have enough moulds, you can leave them in the bottom halves of their moulds for an hour until they are slightly set, making it easier to remove them. Don’t leave them for too long, however, as they will become even more difficult to remove.

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Bath Bombsby Elaine Stavert, published by GMC ($9.95).