Making a Basic Balm

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The balm will thicken more overnight.

Basic Balm

3 cups olive oil
10 tablespoons comfrey leaves
10 tablespoons calendula flowers
8 tablespoons lavender flowers
5 tablespoons plantain
5 tablespoons yarrow flowers
4 tablespoons sage
4 tablespoons beeswax granules
1 ounce vitamin E oil

Infuse the herbs in the oil. Measure the infused oil and add additional oil to make 2 cups. Add the beeswax and heat; remove from the heat as soon as the wax melts and stir gently until the balm starts to thicken. Add the glycerin and stir until the mix is cool and creamy. Stir in the vitamin E oil. The balm will thicken more overnight. This basic balm is generally considered safe for external use, but sage may irritate sensitive skin.