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Two issues back we showed you how to start welding. Now, here’s how you can build…


Any serious welder knows that one of the most useful–and versatile–tools in his or her shop can be the table on which the work is accomplished. That platform, you see, is often far more than just a waist-level workbench for metal fabrication. Ideally, it’ll be a welding station “headquarters”, set up to accommodate a head shield, clamps, chippers, and electrodes (along with the handle that fits them)… an accurate measuring device for both gauging lengths and squaring corners … a solid foundation you can clamp components to when the job must be “just right” . . . and a base upon which other useful tools–such as bending brakes and jigs–can be mounted.

So when Leroy Richter, MOTHER’S Eco-Village director, realized he’d be doing a whole lot of metal fabrication in preparation for this summer’s scheduled activities he made up his mind to build–at last!–the welding bench that’d been sorely needed in our research shop for years.

The table he chose to make–which incorporates features found on a variety of commercial models–was specifically designed to provide convenience while handling the tasks that Leroy knew he’d be tackling sooner or later. For example, its open construction lets grinding dust and slag fall through, rather than collect upon, the work surface. And its dimensions (30-1/4″ X 78-1/4″) allow the bench to be rolled through any conventional doorway–either wheelbarrow-style or tipped up vertically–by means of the casters mounted on the legs and upper corners of one end.