Beeswax Lipbalm

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Save money by making your own lip balm with beeswax.
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Fold up the sides of aluminum foil to catch drips while pouring.
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Carefully pour the mixture into tubes or tins.
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“Beekeeper’s Lab” by Kim Lehman inspires beekeepers to stay involved with their hives year-round.

“Beekeeper’s Lab” by Kim Lehman shares 52 projects for beekeepers to use around the hive and using hive-derived products. This excerpt demonstrates how to make your own natural and moisturizing lip balm from beeswax.

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Make this simple and inexpensive lip balm for your own use or as a gift. You may never buy lip balm from the store again!

You Will Need

• Aluminum foil
• 1 tablespoon (14 g) grated beeswax (wax cappings preferred)
• Glass measuring cup
• Double boiler
• 2 tablespoons (30 ml) sweet almond oil
• Wooden stir stick
• 1 teaspoon lanolin
• 5 drops vitamin E oil
• 8 to 10 lip balm tubes
• Paper towels


1. Prepare a pouring area to catch overflow by folding up and crimping the edges of a piece of aluminum foil. Any lip balm spilled can be saved and reused.

2. Melt the beeswax in a glass measuring cup in a double boiler. Glass, stainless steel and ceramic are preferred materials for making skin care products.

3. Add the almond oil and lanolin. Stir with a wooden stick. As soon as the mixture has melted, remove from the heat.

4. Let the oil and wax cool a bit before adding a few drops of vitamin E oil. Pour into lip balm tubes. It is tempting, but do not hold the tube with your hands. Hot wax will spill onto your fingers!

5. Make cleanup easier by wiping the glass measuring cup with a paper towel while still warm.

6. Cap the lip balm once completely cool. Wipe any drips off the tube with a paper towel.

7. Store any lip balm not being used immediately in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life.

Take It Further

Design and make your own labels on the computer or as individual pieces of art. Protect the label on your lip balm by covering with wide clear tape.

Safety Note

Keep wax away from open flames. Unplug heating source when not in use.

Fun For Kids

Make a variety of lip balms by adding flavors especially made for lip-care products that you can buy online.

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This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Beekeeper’s Lab by Kim Lehman, published by Quarry Books, 2017. Buy this book from our store:  Beekeeper’s Lab.