How to Make a Christmas Holiday Wreath

Reader Contribution by Benedict Vanheems
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For this project, you’ll need a wire wreath frame, some florists’ or paddle wire, and some pruners. You’ll also need some festive-looking plant material gathered from your garden, such as berry-bearing holly, ivy, and conifer sprigs. You may like to add a bow or ribbon as a festive finishing.

Making a Holiday Wreath Step-by-Step

  1. Cut your materials to size. (Make sure they’re in proportion to the wreath frame.)
  2. Fix the end of the florists’ wire to the wreath frame by wrapping it around the frame three or four times. Pull it tight to lock it in place.
  3. Choose a piece of each material for your first bundle. Position the largest pieces at the base and anything with berries toward the top.
  4. Place the bundle on the frame where you’ve fixed the florists’ wire. Wrap the wire around the bundle three times. Pull it tight.
  5. Repeat with each additional bundle until you’ve nearly filled the frame. Overlap each bundle with the next to hide the wire.
  6. Make a smaller bundle to finish with. Tuck this under the first bundle. Fix it in place with the florists’ wire.
  7. Turn the wreath over. Cut the florists’ wire and secure it into the wreath frame.

Learn more about making your own wreath in this video.

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