How to Make a Rag Rug

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    • 2-½”-wide fabric strips, cut or torn, fabrics of same weight
    • Tapestry or yarn needle
    • Yarn
    • Scissors


Step 1: Pick up 3 strips and even up their edges at one end.

Step 2: Sew or knot the strips together at the evened-up end.
Note: In this example we have sewn the end.

Step 3:Taper the ends with scissors.

Step 4: Clamp the sewn end to the table.

Step 5: Trim the free ends to different lengths.
Note: You will want the ends to be different lengths so it’s easier to add in additional strips of fabric.


Step 6: 3-strand braiding technique: right to center, then left to center, then repeat.

Step 7: For a more finished look, fold under the cut edges while you braid.

Step 8: Introduce new strips by overlapping the end of the old strip by about 3″ with the new strip.


Step 9: Use the needle and yarn to stitch the edges of the braid to each other, either in an oval or a circle.

Step 10: Make sure the braid lies flat as you stitch.

Step 11: Stitch under the braid loops, not into the fabric.


Step 12: Trim ends of all three strips so they’re of even length. Beginning about 1 foot from the ends, cut all strips to taper to a blunt point.

Step 13: Finish braiding. Because of the taper you cut, the width of the braid will gradually become narrower to the end.

Step 14: Stitch the strips to each other at the tip, then stitch the tip to the edge of the rug.


  • To avoid a lumpy rug, cut your strips from fabrics of basically the same weight.
  • If strips are too long, they’re difficult to braid.
  • To avoid lumps, don’t introduce new fabric to more than one strip at the same place in the braid.

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