Starburst Twig Wreath

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This rustic wreath can be made any size for any display.
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Use a heap of plum branches for a simple festive wreath.

Simple, whimsical and rustic, this wreath showcases the spare winter beauty of sticks and twigs collected from the yard.

• Sticks (number of your choice)
• Cardboard
• Twine
• Hot glue gun

1. Break sticks down to desired length after collecting them. You can make this wreath to any size you wish.

2. Cut a disc from cardboard wide enough that you’ll be able to arrange and securely glue your sticks. Wrap this disc completely in twine to give any part that might show through the twigs a finished yet rustic look.

3. Using the hot glue gun, work in sections to attach sticks evenly around the disc, building them up to create the right shape and fill empty spaces until they create a depth and number that you like.

4. When satisfied, let dry, then tie a length of twine around the central disc from which to hang your finished wreath.

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Adapted from the blog The Painted Hive, where Kristine Franklin shares beautiful projects to make a cozy home on a budget.

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