6 Simple Spring Crafts to Make

Welcome spring into your home with these fun seasonal craft ideas.

Reader Contribution by Bobbi Peterson
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Spring isn’t just a time for cleaning. It’s also a great chance to get outside, go hiking and perhaps invest in learning a new skill. Use the boost of energy you get to try out some of these ideas. Don’t worry if you aren’t a crafty kind of person — these ideas can be done by almost everyone.

DIY Flower Pops

Popsicles are a spring and summer treat, and nothing gets less pretty by adding flowers. There’s a huge variety of edible flowers, so this unusual take on a classic treat will definitely get people’s attention. Pick and wash some edible flowers, and drop them into Popsicle molds. Then pour in lemon-lime soda or fruit juice, freeze and serve to the delight of everyone. If you’re feeling ambitious, tie a bow with ribbon onto each stick.

Try Your Hand at Jewelry Making

Jewelry isn’t always about the bling — sometimes it’s just about the feeling it evokes. A few small purchases can allow you to craft a huge selection of jewelry items. For the simplest item, you’ll need a stone, wire, leather cord and wire cutters.

With these things, you can make beautiful, bohemian wire-wrapped pendants. Just wrap the wire around the pendant, making it tight enough to hold it. Leave a place to slide the leather through, cut the wire and tie it on.

Create Your Own Wreath

Making your own wreath is surprisingly easy, and it’s a ton of fun. All you need is an undecorated wreath, faux flowers, wire cutters and a hot glue gun. Pull the flowers off their stalks, and remember to save some of the foliage. Use the hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the wreath. That’s all you have to do.

Of course, a little bit of planning goes a long way. You don’t want to limit yourself to just flowers. Foliage and berries are great additions, and you need to think about the placement of big and small flowers. Even a wreath needs a focal point.

Redo Your Reflection

A broken mirror is supposed to mean seven years of bad luck. If you want, though, a broken mirror can mean a new art project! You can create beautiful wall art, glass mosaic tables, or even a glass wall hanging. Glass can be picked apart and put back together to create an entirely new project.

However, keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with broken glass. That means you need to handle it safely, and this is not a project that’s appropriate for kids. If the mirror was broken by accident, take care cleaning up. If that’s done, grab the pieces you want to use along with a hot glue gun, and sketch out the pattern you want. Then just glue the pieces of mirror into the pattern and hang it on the wall.

Use Mason Jars for Everything

You can use mason jars for much more than just food. Use a long, slim piece of wood and attach hose clamps to the wood. Use the hose clamps to secure the jars. Once they’re on, hang the wood piece and fill the jars with necessities like Q-tips, toothbrushes or utensils, depending on where they’re hanging.

You can also drill a hole in the top, put in a pump, add some hand soap and boom! Instant, or almost instant, soap dispenser. Mason jars are also great for pedicure kits or planters for herbs. They can hold sewing materials, or be turned into candle holders. Seriously, you can use them for everything.

Craft Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are the cutest little details to add to your home. If you have kids, this is a great project for them to help with. The best part is that it’s kind of a never-ending one. You can build a small home and leave it at that, or add to it for years to come. It’s basically an outside, whimsical doll house, and you can craft it however you like. For an easy starting point, get a small birdhouse to paint. Glue on some moss, and use small stones or glass beads to create a path to the door.

Depending on what you want to do, you can arrange your fairy garden in your yard or set it up in a large flowerpot. This particular craft is very free-spirited, so you can take it as far as you want. Fairy bridges, streams, even just a door at the base of a tree can make the entrance to a charming little world. Whatever fairy garden ideas you get, you’re sure to find an excuse to keep going.

These are simple ideas for spring crafts, but don’t feel limited to these. Make up your own crafts and enjoy the fun of learning new things.Save