Homemade Dish Scrubber from Mesh Onion Bags

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Photo by Fotolia/marinakutukova
The mesh bags that onions and potatoes come in can be repurposed as dish scrubbies in a frugal kitchen.

While removing the mesh bag from around a frozen turkey, I said to myself, “This must be good for something.” I cut the bag to be flat and gave it a good washing, and it became a scrubbing pad to wash dishes. Mesh onion bags work even better!

Both types of bags are kind to nonstick surfaces and effective at removing stubborn food particles. Just roll the mesh to fit your hand. Best of all, you can open it up to wash and rinse it clean. These bags don’t have any hidden places for bacteria to grow, and they’ll come free with your food purchase.

Nancy Gere
Homosassa, Florida