Homemade Cucumber Trellis from Garage Door Tracks

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Photo by Fotolia/lisa870

While growing our small city garden, we’ve struggled with controlling cucumber vines. Then, my wife saw an arbor-like cucumber trellis she wanted me to make. The idea was to make it tall and sturdy so the vines could grow over it, and so we could walk underneath it to pick the hanging cukes.

When I got around to making our trellis, I searched through my garage for available materials. As I looked around, I noticed the curvature of the garage door track. I just happened to have two tracks from old garage doors. If you don’t have these, I think you can get them from someone who installs garage doors or from a salvage yard.

By bolting the tracks together, I constructed a sturdy frame. I then draped a leftover piece of chain-link fencing over the top and wired it to the frame. Our homemade cucumber trellis works just as we’d hoped — and I made it entirely from reclaimed materials.

David S. Nennig
Green Bay, Wisconsin