Homemade Christmas Gift Basket

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Learn how to make a homemade Christmas gift basket, a thoughtful yet inexpensive present for the holidays.

Make a homemade Christmas gift basket for an easy, a personalized Christmas gift everyone will appreciate.

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Homemade Christmas Gift Basket

Your friend loves your recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Breads. Make up a box of measured dry ingredients, mini-loaf pans, and a recipe card. For that relative who’s impossible to shop for, put together a holiday appetizer basket — a good salsa, a log of soft goat cheese, blue corn chips and heating directions. Optional: serving bowl or plate.


A basket, fruit crate (check your grocer on delivery days), or an open box wrapped on the outside with holiday paper, ribbon, tag
Colored tissue paper or dish towel
Basket gifts
Colored 4 by 6-inch index cards for recipes (lined or blank cards — it’s up to you)

Approximate Cost

Depending on the goodies, about $15 to $20
Index cards: Less than $2
Laminating: $1 to $2


Line the container with colored tissue paper or a new dish towel. Arrange your gifts in the container, tie on a ribbon and tag or sticker tag. You could tie on a cinnamon stick for the baking basket or a pinecone. Print by hand or glue on a printout of your recipe on a colored 4 by 6 index card. Be sure to include the date and your name.

If you want, most office supply stores ran laminate your recipe card within a few minutes. Laminating plastic onto your recipe will make it durable and wipeable. Cut out the recipe leaving at least a 1/4-inch laminate border so the plastic holds together.

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