DIY Holiday Projects

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This holiday season, preserve your peace of mind—and pocketbook—by prioritizing how you celebrate. If you love to decorate with handmade pieces, focus on making and hanging your favorite ornaments and garlands. Then compensate for your time spent decorating by wrapping gifts in newsprint and relying on made-ahead casseroles in the kitchen. Or maybe you’d rather spend time on exquisite eco-friendly gift wrap. Whatever your holiday priorities, we’ve got you covered with a bevy of homemade Christmas crafts and holiday projects, from making your own wreaths to creating reusable bags for gifting.

DIY Wreaths

Bedeck your front door with a homemade wreath that will welcome visitors to your home with fragrant holiday smells or the simple beauty of nature.

Cinnamon Stick Wreath
Simple, Natural Holiday Wreath
Recycled Cans Wreath
10+ more Christmas wreath crafts!

Homemade Ornaments

Instead of decorating your tree with cookie-cutter ornaments from big-box stores, lend your tree some character with homemade ornaments.

Cinnamon-Scented Cookie Ornaments
Citrus Slice Ornaments
Decoupage Ornaments
Felted Bird Ornaments
Tree Jewels: Handmade Aluminum Ornaments
7 more DIY ornament crafts!

Gift Wrapping

Traditional holiday gift wrapping creates a substantial amount of waste each year. Wrapping gifts in recycled, recyclable or earth-conscious materials doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good-looking gifts.

Reusable Gift Bag
3 Reused and Reusable Wrapping Ideas
Fun Do-It-Yourself Wrapping Ideas
DIY Handmade Candy Boxes
Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas
DIY Gift Box
10+ more gift wrapping ideas!

More Homemade Christmas Crafts and DIY Holiday Projects

Tabletop Crafts
Decorate tables, mantels and other flat surfaces with these creative candles, centerpieces and other holiday crafts.

Mini Cardboard Tree
Newspaper Christmas Tree
Fire and Ice Candle Centerpiece
Rock Christmas Tree
Conical Candles
Decorative Yule Log
Old-Fashioned Gingerbread House recipe

Crafts to Hang
Adorn entryways, door frames and walls with these homemade Christmas crafts.

Victorian Kissing Ball
Herbal Kissing Ball
Holiday Garland for Your Chandelier
Festive Garland

Extra Crafts

Reusable Christmas Tree Trunk

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