Termite Baiting and Other Termite Control Methods

Termite control doesn’t have to be toxic. There are effective, natural methods to get rid of them.

| Aug. 24, 2009

If you have a termite problem in your home, don’t panic. There are effective measures, such as termite baiting, to control termites.

Safe Pest Control

Standard pest management methods for eliminating subterranean termites involve applying toxic chemicals to your home, your soil, or both. And “tenting” — basically wrapping and fumigating your entire home — is the most common way to dispatch drywood termites. The good news is many of the termite control methods available today are just as, if not more, effective than the toxic exterminations.

Professionally installed baiting systems are the least invasive and most sought after method for getting rid of subterranean termites. Although the active ingredients in the baits are toxic pesticides, they’re effective in contained, targeted, gram-sized doses as compared to dumping 100 to 150 gallons around your home. Baiting systems work by using the termite’s own process of feeding their hoards to deliver poison to the entire colony.

Small bait stations are inserted into the ground around the perimeter of the home. Non-baited wood is placed in each station and they are monitored quarterly for termite activity. If termites are found feeding in a bait station, wood baited with the chemical is inserted. The termites will take the baited wood back to the colony for wider consumption.

“Our baiting system not only stops the termites from feeding on a home, but offers total colony elimination,” says Dave Maurer, marketing manager for the Sentricon System. “And we only use the active chemical ingredient when termites are feeding. When the colony is destroyed, we take the active ingredient out.”

The Sentricon System is accepted as a LEED-approved termite-control system and is currently in use at the White House and the Statue of Liberty. “We place a high-priority on stewardship,” says Maurer. “Quarterly monitoring means we can keep track of treatment efficacy and help catch new colonies before they do damage.”

7/14/2010 10:52:21 AM

Is the Sentricon system effective or a scam? http://www.syix.com/emu/html/sentricon.html Is the Sentricon termite baiting system effective, or is it a scam? I am neither an expert nor a Sentricon customer, and termite baiting stations were of no interest to me. However, several consumer complaints pertained to the Sentricon system, and I have been asked for more information. The following information is provided to help you reach an informed decision rather than one based solely on company advertising and sales tactics:

E Smith_2
8/26/2009 12:34:32 PM

Sorry, that was "Is Sentricon System effective".

E Smith_2
8/26/2009 12:30:42 PM

Look up "Is Sentricon System eefective" for more information on baiting. I have found those comments to be spot on about the termites not coming back to their bait station once disturbed. I have found a better method by accident. Buy the chitin inhibitor. Lay a pile of yummy wood garbage away from the house (termite condominium). After about 6 months, remove the pile, discover a huge infestation of termites, treat them and the wood with the chitin inhibitor, powder them and all the wood with a mix of diatomaceous earth and boric acid, re cover the termite condo. You have killed most of the termites plus infected the ones that have escaped death AND you have effectively baited them away from your home. Be sure to have a water source close to your termite condo. Feed the suckers. It might keep them out of your home.

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