DIY Wood Burning Hot Tub

Think you can’t enjoy a hot tub because you’re living off-grid? Check out this beautiful wood burning hot tub.

February / March 2018
By Jesse and Alyssa, Pure Living for Life

 Landscape Hot Tub

When we first moved onto our land in September 2015, we had grand plans for immediately building our home. At first, we thought we’d have a basic structure up in just a couple of months, but we quickly realized we weren’t ready to start construction. We decided we might as well find a way to provide long-term comfort for ourselves while tackling a building project that could take years, so we came up with the not-so-crazy idea to set up a wood burning hot tub on our property.

Because we were living off-grid in a 19-foot travel trailer on land without utilities, we wanted to expand our living space into the outdoors and create something to enjoy immediately and remind us why we moved to a remote location. A hot tub satisfies those desires and is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day of work on our property, especially on cold evenings when cabin fever sets in.

We also understood that keeping our bodies in top shape would be a priority because of the hard physical labor of building a house ourselves. We couldn’t take long, hot showers in the travel trailer, and we didn’t even have a clean surface where we could stretch, so we figured the ability to soak in a hot tub would do wonders for our bodies.