Foliage Wreath

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DIY Foliage Wreath

Bring nature to your front door by trimming a few sprigs of foliage and turning them into something beautiful.

By Emma Harris
November/ December 2017

Evergreen doesn’t have to be the only living color in your winter décor. Forage for various greens, herbs and moss to bring some life to your home with this DIY wreath.

• Reel wire or other strong, malleable wire
• Wire wreath frame
• Pliers
• Damp moss
• Scissors
• Selection of foliage
• Stub wire
• Ribbon or twine

1. Attach reel wire to wreath frame by wrapping it securely around an edge — pliers may help to create a tight and lasting loop.

2. Clean out twigs and muddy bits from moss. Then grab a large handful and pack it as firmly as possible against the wire frame. You want it to feel solid and dense. Tightly wrap reel wire around frame and moss to hold it in place. Continue around whole frame.

3. To ensure moss is held in place, wrap wire once more around the entirety, leaving only a couple of centimeters between each loop. Then snip wire from reel, leaving a little extra to wrap securely around the edge of the frame and hold everything in place.

4. Cut your collection of foliage into snippets about 5 to 8 inches in length.

5. Wrap end of a new strand of reel wire around edge of wreath frame, choose a bunch of foliage that will fully cover one section of moss, and wrap stems to frame as tightly as possible with loops of reel wire.

6. Make another bunch, lay it so that it covers the stems of the previous section, and loop wire around the stems as before. Continue this way until the whole wreath — including inner and outer edges — is covered.

7. Finish by snipping the wire and wrapping the extra securely around the edge of the wreath so everything stays in place. Fill in any gaps by wrapping stub wire in a prong shape around the stem of small foliage sprigs and pushing them into the moss. Tie ribbon or twine around the back to hang.

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Adapted from the blog A Quiet Style. Blog author Emma Harris collaborated with floral stylist Caroline of Wild Rubus to bring this project to life.

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