Homemade Metal-Stamped Plant Tags

Learn how to make plant tags with a contemporary flair.

By Stephanie Rose
September 2017

'Garden Made' by Stephanie Rose

Garden Made (Roost Books, 2015) by Stephanie Rose blends crafts and gardening to present more than 40 different DIY projects that beautify both your garden and your life. Metal plant tags are a way to label various members of your garden — and they also add a sprinkle of homemade modern décor.

Metal-Stamped Plant Tags

metal tag for oregano plant

Photo by Stephanie Rose

The aisles of a hardware store showcase a cornucopia of weird and wonderful things that can be repurposed for use in the garden. A metal alphabet stamp kit is one of my favorite hardware finds. I can hammer out some frustrations and feed the need to organize my plants all at once. Metal washers make for permanent plant tags that appeal to a modern aesthetic.