DIY Patio Water Garden with Bamboo

Add beauty to your patio or deck with this containerized water garden.

December 2017
Text and photography by Jessica Walliser

Book cover

Container Gardening Complete: Creative Projects for Growing Vegetables and Flowers in Small Spaces (Cool Springs Press, 2017), by Jessica Walliser provides detailed instructions to help you successfully grow a luscious container garden. Readers can grow a variety of plants in containers, even with limited space, by following the step-by-step guides and helpful visuals. The following excerpt is from Chapter 6, “More Container Concepts.”

For this containerized water garden we used a glazed ceramic pot, but any water-tight container will do. Avoid porous pots, such as those made of unglazed terracotta, as the water will quickly seep out of them unless you take the time to apply a sealant. If you want to build a water garden in a half whiskey barrel or another container that may slowly leach water, line the interior with a double layer of pond liner at least 10 mm thick before filling the container with water.

There are many different aquatic plants that grow well in a containerized water garden. Select three to four plants from the following list for your water garden or head to your local nursery to see what they have in stock.