How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

A DIY project for a permanent garden box to provide a raised bed for your plants and decorate your backyard.

October 2017
By Sara Bendrick

For those who want to improve their backyards, author Sara Bendrick provides a variety of DIY projects in Big Impact Landscaping so homeowners can get the most out of their property, expand their living space, and enjoy more time outdoors. Here, Bendrick gives step-by-step instructions for building a permanent U-shaped vegetable garden box — as well as an attached bench to help you enjoy your backyard plants.

garden box

Photo by Joe Dodd

U-Shaped Vegetable Garden

Level: Beginner to intermediate
Cost: $$
Time commitment: 1 day
Professionals needed: None
Dimensions: 8-feet-by-9-feet U-shape

Garden beds make any yard come alive, and the best part about having a raised bed is that it looks attractive even in the off-season because it defines and organizes the space in the yard. A simple U-shaped bed gives you maximum growing space with all-around access. Adding a cute little bench to the cap and some decorative diamonds can really dress it up! This large garden can be a focal piece or complement other features in the yard. Plan to hand water unless you want to install an irrigation system (I prefer drip).