DIY Fresh Holiday Wreath

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Add holiday charm to your home with easy DIY Fresh Wreaths made from evergreen branches.

These simple instructions were adapted from the blog Girl. Inspired.,which offers craft projects, sewing tutorials, recipes and party ideas.


• Garden clippers
• Evergreen branches
• Wire wreath form (ideally with clips)
• Wire
• Pinecones
• Berries/fruit


1. Cut 3 evergreen twigs 6 to 9 inches long. Stack twigs, fluffiest on the bottom. Place bundle on wreath form, with the base under the clip, pointed right. (We’re working counter-clockwise.) Bend down clip, or attach bundle with wire.

2. If you’re using decorative elements (pinecones and fruit or berries), group those into sets. I made 3 clusters, each with 3 pinecones and 1 berry sprig. (My horticulturist mother taught me plants always look good in groups of 3.) If you collect pinecones from the yard, wrap wire around their centers to secure them in clusters.

3. Gather your next bundle of branches and place it into the next clip, or wire it slightly overlapping the first. Make sure the tops of your second bundle cover the base/wires of the first. If you’re adding decorative elements, wire those groupings to some of the evergreen bundles and distribute the bundles with decorations evenly around the wreath.

4. Continue adding evergreen bundles until you get to your last clip. Make sure the last bundle overlaps the wires of the first. Hold up your wreath. Check that all the branches look even, and add to any sparse spaces. Attach a ribbon to hang the wreath and put that beauty up!

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