A Log Lifter for Safer and Easier Firewood Cutting

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

Heating your home with a wood-fired stove or furnace can be a great way to cut down on gas or electric heating costs. But the process of getting the firewood for the stove is not always an easy task. You could choose to have the wood delivered to you split and ready to go; but this will no doubt cost almost as much as heating the conventional way.

To really save money by using wood heat, you need to gather, cut and splitsome, if not all, of the wood yourself. This requires an investment in equipment chainsaw, sawbuck, hardhat, ear protectors and perhaps a log lifter to raise heavy, long logs off the ground for easier and safer cutting. To save even more money, you might consider fabricating the log lifter in your home shop. If you don’t know how to weld, this might make a great project to learn the basic skills. Some community colleges offer welding classes or you might find a local welding shop that is willing to teach you how.

If you make this log lifter or if you have fabricated other logging equipment, tell us about it in the comments section, below.

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