Easy-to-Make Firewood Carrier

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This firewood carrier makes a great holiday gift for friends and family who heat with wood.

This firewood carrier is easy to build. To assemble it, all you need are several feet of rope and three pieces of scrap lumber wood slats that are at least 22 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and 5/8-inch thick.

The slats are the carrier’s spreader bars. To prepare them, drill four half-inch holes through each piece wood, spaced 6 inches apart on each board, with 2 inches left at either end of each stick. Next, in two (only two) of the spreader bars, drill an additional hole at the end of each bar, about 1 inch in from the end.

Cut four 3-foot lengths of rope and tie a knot in one end of each. In one of the six-holed spreader bars, thread each rope piece through the four interior holes and tie four more knots on the other side of the bar, so that the wood is held securely between the knots.

Tie another knot 10 1/2 inches down on each rope. Thread the four ropes through the four-holed spreader bar, until it’s tight against these knots, and tie four more knots to hold it in place. Then, go down another 10 1/2 inches of rope, tie four more knots, slip on the remaining six-holed bar, tie a final four knots to anchor it, and cut off the loose ends of the rope.

Last, add two pieces of 3-foot-long rope to the outside holes for handles, and you have a foolproof wood carrier.

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