Feed For Animals – To Go

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt
article image

Part of the joy of owning farm animals – chickens, goats, pigs or cows – is the daily (or twice daily) ritual of feeding them. For some portion of the year, most animals need some supplemental feed in addition to the grass, bugs and other natural edibles they routinely forage for. But, short of using a motorized conveyance, such as a utility vehicle, transporting the feed from its storage area to the hungry critters can be a challenge. It’s hard on the back to heft 50-pound, economy sized bags of feed onto your shoulder and carry it out to the waiting hoard.

Using a wheeled cart to move the feed would make the process much easier. The one pictured here is fabricated from a 50-gallon drum with two motorcycle wheels in the back and a large caster wheel in the front. The hinged lid protects the feed from rain and invasion by the hungry hoard. With a bit of scrounging and some welding work, you can make this convenient and practical “no-nonsense feed cart.”