Natural Easter Grass

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Your youngsters will have fun planting Easter grass seed in foil-lined baskets
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The resulting lush carpet makes a perfect nest for decorative Easter eggs

With a little help from you, your children can undertake an
enjoyable task and learn a bit about the natural world at
the same time by planting real grass seed in
this year’s Easter baskets! This natural Easter grass project is inexpensive,
simple to accomplish, and just plain fun!

In order to prepare their “living baskets,” the youngsters
will merely have to line standard woven containers with any
one of the following materials: foil, plastic wrap,
sphagnum moss, or burlap. Then let them fill each basket
with fine-grained garden (or potting) soil, sprinkle the
earth with an even covering of grass seed, and moisten
it daily with a mist spray.

When the seeds have sprouted, set the baskets in a sunny
location (on a windowsill if frosts are common in your area
at this time of year), and be sure the children continue to
mist the turf regularly. Soon an authentic green “carpet”
of grass will form a lush nest for brightly colored Easter
eggs. And after the spring holiday, the little
circles of sod can be transplanted outdoors. Just find a
bare spot in your yard and lay the covering to rest.

In the course of preparing these Easter baskets,
your youngsters will be picking up knowledge about the way
things grow. You can bet that the lesson will stay with
them, too. After all, how can you beat “lawning by doing”!