Everything Bucket Sewing Project

By Sanae Ishida

April 2018

sewing happiness

In Sewing Happiness (Sasquatch Books, 2016), author Sanae Ishida shows readers the power of a little creativity in their lives. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness and losing her corporate job, Ishida discovered that sewing can be a life-saving meditative activity, and is now using her latest sewing pattern book to show readers that anyone can pick up a needle and find happiness is sewing. The following excerpt is her pattern for an everything bucket.

There’s something about containers that makes my heart flutter. My husband has complained about my tendency to accumulate a massive number of baskets and fabric boxes and miscellaneous holders of things. I’m of the opinion that one can never have too many containers, and I have yet to be proven wrong. After I finished making these buckets, and placed them in the entryway, my husband spotted them and asked (in a horrified tone), “Did you buy more baskets? These look expensive!” Shhhh . . . they cost far, far less than the fancy ones I love. They also require minimal effort to stitch up, especially if you opt to omit the handles and the color-blocking.

What makes this project extremely adaptable is that you can create all manner of fabric buckets in any size imaginable, with or without handles, and all you need is a simple formula to figure out the dimensions.