DIY Cherry Blossom Vases

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Photo by Carolyn Barber
Recycle old glass bottles with interesting shapes or textures into DIY Cherry Blossom Vases.

Learn to create dazzling flower arrangements from Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks, owners of the award-winning destination florist Bloomsbury Flowers in London’s Covent Garden. Full of insider tips that show you how to choose flowers and foliage, color palettes to inspire you and tons of ideas for creative containers, Simple Flower Arranging(DK Publishing, 2014) offers 60 stylish projects for any occasion. The following DIY Cherry Blossom Vases will bring a touch of spring indoors.

Stylish and minimalist, yet full of interest and delicate charm, this simple asymmetrical design of white cherry blossom in old and recycled sprayed glass bottles perfectly captures the fresh new beauty of spring. Alter the scale completely according to where you place the arrangement.

DIY Cherry Blossom Vases

You will need:
5 white cherry blossom branches (2 tall branches and 3 small branches)

Large cardboard box
Spray mask
Spray cans of white, gray, and silver paint
Garden shears

Magnolia branches in bud, pink cherry blossom in neon-pink sprayed bottles

How to arrange

1. To spray a glass bottle using a spray can, turn a cardboard box with a firm base onto its side in a well-ventilated room, or outside. Place the bottle inside the upturned box, cover your mouth and nose with a mask, and spray one side for 10 seconds only. Spray gently to avoid drips. Repeat, rotating the bottle in the same direction until the whole surface is sprayed and the color has built up to our satisfaction. Allow to dry. Repeat with the remaining glass bottles.

2. Arrange the bottles in position—on the floor of a living room or dining room if you want a large-scaled arrangement or on a table, shelf, mantelpiece, or dressing table for a smaller design—and fill some of the bottles with water.

3. Trim the blossom branches to different heights and cut and split each branch with garden shears, as they are woody and need help to drink up water. Place 1 steam in each water-filled vase.  Use longer blossom branches for larger bottles and short stems for small glass bottles. Replace the water every two days.

Insider tips
• Spray the bottles white, silver or gray to retain a minimalist look.
• Don’t overcrowd the number of bottles or the number of stems in a bottle—stick to 1 stem per bottle or none if the arrangement benefits from it.
• Choose wine bottles, perfume bottles, or old bottles with texture or an interesting shape, but ensure that they are made of glass.

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Photographs and text reproduced by permission of DK, a division of Penguin Random House(USA) from Simple Flower Arrangingby Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks. ©2014 by DK. All rights reserved.