Building Diagrams for your Mini Tractor

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For those looking to take their gardens to the next level, purchasing a mini garden tractor can get pricey. The prices of these mechanical additions to your shed is not in every gardener’s budget, but fortunately, purchasing is not the only option.

If you feel comfortable fabricating metal goods, have access to the equipment necessary to make the parts (a cutting torch, an arc welder, a metal grinder, and a large-chuck power drill), and are prepared to spend a good bit of time planning and assembling an admittedly involved project, there’s no reason you can’t build your own mini garden tractor!

In our 4-part series originally published in our 1982 print issues, we outline everything needed for you to be able to create your own mini garden tractor, including photos and diagrams to follow. These plans focus on keeping the design simple, functional, and low cost so that anyone willing to take a shot at building their own tractor would be able to do so successfully.

Begin building your Mini Tractor:

MOTHER’s Do-It-Yourself Mini-Tractor (part 1)
How to Build a Low-Cost Homemade Mini-Tractor (part 2)
MOTHER’s Farm Equipment: Homemade Tractor Accessories (part 3)
Build a Homemade Tractor Blade (part 4)